Why Should Everyone Own Sex Toys?

Advance Intimate Moments Together

There has been significant research in the field of relationship intimacy and the use of sex toys. All research points towards one thing – using sex toys in the dynamic allows the couple to initiate a dialogue about sex and helps them to communicate to each other what they enjoy as individuals and a couple.


A certain researcher Dr. Donaghue has quoted,” Couples who incorporate variety in the bedroom are more likely to stay together long-term and be open and honest about their desires. Trying new sexual endeavors alleviates boredom, lessens the likelihood of cheating, and improves overall communication between partners.” And as per her, sex toys are one of the safest and most reliable ways to keep things spicy in the relationship.


There are situations when penetrative sex is not possible. At that time sexual intimacy and pleasure can be an elusive thing. But including sex toys in the relationship sorts that problem. There are hundreds of varieties of sex toys that can be used in place of penetrative sex and gives utmost pleasure. And there is something so satisfying in witnessing your partner erupt like a begging volcano.


Since sex toys enhance the know-how of the body’s pleasure points aka erogenous zones – that knowledge increases the intimacy between couples. Studies show that couples who know about their sexual preferences and can communicate this to their partners are happier than other couples. Sex toys allow communication by enhancing knowledge. Also, sex toys can be used as extras in the sexual act. This increases pleasure and thus better satisfaction leading to a healthier relationship.

There is always something new with different kinds of sex toys and it brings the spice and excitement in a monotonous relationship. Exploration of new areas with the addition of sexual games increases intimacy and understanding among partners.


Mutual masturbation is a term that is gaining popularity with the coming age. It is the perfect foreplay as we humans are visual creatures. Masturbating using toys in front of each other indicates the mind that it has something incredibly different and fun – thus leading to better satisfaction.