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Lingerie shipping cost is $4.95

Sex Toys shipping cost is $10.95

Free Shipping special for all products “HOT”

Order and packaging will take 1 business day and shipping will take up to 3 days, depending on State receiving the shipment.

Once we processed your order our team will provide your with a Tracking number via email, and you can track on our main menu.


Once you complete the purchase, our system will automatically authorize and capture the payment. You should see a result within a few hours, depending on your bank. Additionally, all purchases are 100% SSL certified.

You will receive an email with details on your purchase order and a packing slip within the product shipping box.

Box labeling will be discreet and not display anything about our company or products within.

Change / Cancel Order / Returns

Contact us immediate at about your intentions.

  1. Orders Not Completed: We will inform shipping to stop shipment.
  2. Completed Orders: The product was already shipped, DO NOT open the shipping package or box when you receive it.

For completed orders, we will provide you the next steps for returning the products.

Products with electronic manufacturing defects must be reported within 30 days from receipt. Contact your regarding a replacement or return.

For these type of sex toy products, we can not accepted returns for opened shipping packages with non-electronic (not defects) items. We will not resale products, as your safety is top priority.

By law, Thongs, G-strings, Teddies, Bras, Bikinis, and other intimately worn apparel are not returnable.