Why Should Everyone Own Sex Toys?

Explore New Sensations

We, humans, fear boredom. TV, music, books, stories, Netflix, cinema, painting, theatre, art, adventure sport, games, community functions, festivals and million other things have been invented just to prevent one single thing – boredom. This craving for the ‘new’ drives us towards unexplored regions. And the same goes for sex. Sex is in itself a universe. There are so many things to discover but due to various reasons exploring them may not be that feasible for us.


And here comes sex toys – they give us the freedom to experience new things. As the saying goes – “It’s only freaky the first time’ – using sex toys may seem like a big step for the first time, but it just opens the gates for new knowledge and sexual freedom. There are numerous sensual and erogenous zones in our body which if fully explored opens pathways for the ultimate pleasure. Exploring new sensations using various pleasure points, stimulation of erogenous zones in varying intensity, using varied time lengths to enhance the sensation are some of the major things to explore by sex toys.


Also, different sensations give different types of pleasure. Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but the pleasure is in enjoying the journey. And it depends purely on us to explore every pathway available. Dildos, vibrators, suction toys are some of the major toys which allow you to experience different sensations and to know what makes you explode, where do you find the rhythmic pleasure, where slow buildup begins, where it just makes you knees go a week, etc.  The sheer confidence generated from this knowledge adds just different colors to the personality. And what a person likes in bed is a confident partner who can hear what others want and also tell. Sex is the most intimate form of communication and knowledge is the source of information.


Sex toys act like a very good friend with whom you are exploring about yourself and what makes it a best friend is that it demands nothing. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and explore.

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