Why Should Everyone Own Sex Toys?

Learn More About Your Body

Sex toys give pleasure. Simple, right? Well, let’s count – they allow you to experiment at different levels – pleasure points, varied time lengths, speed of pleasure, pressure, intensity, and more. Now, imagine that you have experimented with your body using sex toys – won’t it make you more confident about your body as you will be able to tell your partner what turns you on most, how can you be pleasured easily, where to focus during sex and the list goes on.


What sex toys give is that they allow you to fully explore your body without any hesitation. As you experiment with different sensations, stimulation areas along with pleasure points in a safe manner you get to know the secrets of your body which you can’t fully explore in heat of passion, and obviously, sometimes there is not so much time. Using sex toys allows you to try everything and then create a roadmap to the peak pleasure points which can be used to get exactly what you want from your partner.


Sometimes, what we need is faster orgasms and finding that is becoming a hide and seek game that can be infuriating at times. It’s like grasping for support in a blind alley. Sex toys act as guideposts. Sexual awareness of erogenous zones works like magic as told by many researchers. Those who don’t know, erogenous zones are parts of the body that have higher sensitivity than other parts. The clitoris is the most important erogenous zone in a woman’s body. And the fun fact is everyone has different erogenous zones. Sex toys enhance your knowledge of those erogenous zones which can be later used for the perfect pleasure you want.


For people who consider that sex toys are a new invention and it is ‘unnatural’ there is archaeological survey and research which put forth the information that before humans even invented writing or the wheel, they have invented dildos. Archaeologists have discovered phallic(penis)-shaped objects dating back to the ice age. Ancient Egyptian paintings dating back to more than 30,000 years ago, have dildos.


Greek dramatist Aristophanes, who lived around 446 – 386 BC have included mention of dildos in his several works. Ancient Indian text on sex “Kama Sutra” mentions the use of sex toys. Other historical mentions include 17th-century British poetry and Japanese woodblock prints. So what all of these facts do is that they shatter the preconceived notion about the ‘unnaturalness’ of sex toys. They have been in our vicinity for thousands of years, the only problem was that their mention was kept a taboo. But not now, with the coming of the information age, scientists, researchers, and health experts are recommending the use of sexual toys for self-exploration and better living conditions.