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Guide to Lubricants

Lubricant -free intercourse may suffer and damage the lining of the vagina. Synthetic oils can increase excitement, enhance sexual satisfaction, keep skin soft and, most importantly, and minimize discomfort during your favorite sex toy penetration. Online or in your local drugstore, you can purchase lubricant.


Different Types:

  1. Water-based lubricant:

The most widely used are water-based lubricants. They come in two types: with or without glycerin, with a slightly sweet taste. Both water-based lubricants are affordable, easy to find, and safe to use with condoms. Usually, the sheets do not stain. The vaginal irritation caused by glycerin-free products is less likely. They have a long shelf life as well.

  1. Lubricant based on silicone:

Silicone-based oils are slippery, smooth, and odorless. The most extended longevity of silicone-based lubricant is any lubricant. You may not have to use them as much as lubricants dependent on water. They can be used securely with latex condoms, and if you are in the mood of a steamy shower, they are kept underwater. And hypoallergenic are silicone-based lubricants.

  1. Lubricants based on oil:

Oil-based lubricants exist in two different types: natural and synthetic. Oil-based lubricants are usually safe to use, affordable, and readily available. However, if possible, first use a water-based lubricant. Your skin and stain fabric can be irritated by the oils.

Natural oil lubricants – such as avocados, coconut, vegetables, and olive oils – are suitable for genital massages and sex. It’s also healthy and safe for the vagina. Synthetic petroleum lubricants, including body lotions and creams, are appropriate but not so fine for the outdoor masturbation.

  1. Natural lubricating product:

The only natural products on the market are not natural oil-based oil lubricants. Some companies have developed organic or vegan lubricants from botanical extracts or other environmentally friendly ingredients.

Many natural lubricants are paraben-free, a moderate widely used that poses health risks. They also use organic products that are environmentally friendly and healthy for your vagina.

Consider When Selecting The Correct Lubricant:

Of course, not everyone is made equal in vaginal lubricants. Depending on your needs, specific labels would work best for you. If a sex toy is going to be used. Keep with oil on water-based. If your sex toy contains silicone, a toy’s rubber can break down with time using silicone-based lubricants.