About Us

Femme Funn was founded in 2015 on the belief that all intimate curiosities and fantasies should always be explored with full confidence.

With that in mind and a mission to break sex-toy taboos, we set out on our journey of Femmepowerment and haven’t looked back.

Femmepowerment, our take on empowerment, aims to:

1. Empower all people to take control of their pleasure and liberate their sexuality
2. Put the most powerful products in the market into your hands

Our array of vibrant, powerful items will electrify your intimate life with new sensations and our ever-growing passion to innovate will indulge your every want and need, known, and yet unknown.

Today, we are proud to offer over 50 unique items and are continually creating new ones, drawing inspiration from the beauties and wonders of the world we inhabit, the people who inhabit it, and the technology that allows us to advance into areas yet unexplored.

There’s a perfect one for everyone. Find your funn.

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